Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Ninja Nonsense

Just when you thought things couldn’t get any sillier along comes RightStuf!’s ‘Ninja Nonsense’ Blu-ray!
What do you do when your ninja master is a bright yellow, lecherous ball who wants you to go on a mission to steal local high school girls’ panties?

That’s the dilemma facing ninja in-training Shinobu-who just happens to be a knockout herself.

Despite her best efforts she fails and in the process comes face-to-face with hot-tempered Kaede who is one of the schoolgirls.

The two manage to hit it off and before they know it they team up to go on equally lecherous, dangerous, hilarious and downright bizarre adventures with Onsokumaru (Shinobu’s master) and his ninja clan.

Ninja Nonsense is Japanese Anime humor at its best with hilarious hi-jinx, a stellar cast of crazy characters and some serious ninja action.  Oh, and throw in a little romance and tears for good measure.

Extras include: Liner Notes, Clean Openings and Closing, TV Spots, Art Gallery, Kuru-Kuru Rin (Closing) Full Size.