Saturday, December 9, 2017

Max Traxxx

Are you ready for some serious RC (remote control) fun? 

How about miniature race cars that travel 500 miles per hour if you take their scale into account?

How about an Infinity Loop Set of 46 feet dual tracks that glow in the dark and can be configured anyway you like with curves, straight-aways, elevated areas and loops?

If you are then Skullduggery’s new ‘Max Traxxx Tracer Racers’ is the RC set for you!

Imagine yourself.  You’ve lined up your RC racer at the starting line.  Your finger twitches on your remote IR controls.  Your opponent sits next to you, finger poised on their controls and --- you’re off!

You pull ahead in your red racer as it heads into the first curve, you straighten the wheels and prepare for the next elevated curve, you barely make it and for an instant you fear you’ve lost the game.

Miraculously you pull out of the curve, your opponent hot on your heels in their blue racer.

Up ahead you see the treacherous loop.  Picking up speed you suddenly find yourself upside down and your racer successfully completes the loop, but so does your opponent’s car. 

You both rev up the speed and hit another straight stretch.  An unexpected raised curve and section of road catch you both unawares.  You make it.  Your opponent also just manages to hang on.

Now’s your chance!  You pull the remote control trigger all the way in and whoosh!—your car crosses the finish line with a light trace swishing behind it!  You’ve won!

Max Traxxx Infinity Loop Set has everything you need for indoor or outdoor racing fun.

Both cars’ batteries are rechargeable and there's plenty of track, connections, a loop and corners along with 20 X-BLOX pieces, two risers, four hinges and a full set of instructions.

Max Traxxx is great for RC racers six years old and up.  The set comes packaged in a heavy duty box perfect for storing your Max Traxx.  Play it during the day or at night or in a dark room-no problem-it glows!  RC--Really Cool!