Thursday, February 1, 2018

Sweet Surprises Treat Shoppe and Shimmering Seashell Castle

 What little girl 1 ½ to 5 years of age doesn’t like Treats and Castles?  None of course! 

And because they do love them V-tech has just the play sets for them!

The Sweet Surprises Treat Shoppe has everything a little girl needs to pretend and play that they are out shopping and  come across three fabulous and treat-filled Shoppes.

Not only can they visit the stores through the storefronts they can also flip the play set around and enter the Shoppes to satisfy their sweet tooth!

As part of V-tech’s Go! Go! Smart Freinds line of toys you know you can expect the best of the best when it comes to electronic toys. 

Rugged, colorful and filled with hands-on activities the Treat Shoppe teaches youngsters to fine tune their motor skills, helps them identify colors, gives their little minds lots of activities to stimulate them to  learn and even provides music, lights, songs and throws in a few phrases and questions.

Just look at what they get.

Sliding cherries turn the ice-cream Shoppe top, spin gears, a button that changes flavors, an opening door that reveals the dog Pop, a talking Lollie figure, four fun-filled accessories and best of all, it’s portable for on the go!

Decorated in treat logos and graphics and colored as brilliant as treats themselves the Treat Shoppe is a fun-filled, educational toy that provides hours of activities, laughs and giggles and encourages kids to explore and learn.

When my daughter was young she was fearless, curious and ready for adventure.  Her imagination ran wild and she loved to explore and learn new things.

V-tech’s Shimmering Seashell Castle is the perfect electronic toy that has so many things to do and learn that young girls will spend hours playing and exploring.

The Shimmering Seashell Castle is a HUGE toy that features an under-the-sea theme with a water slide, two layers supported by coral columns, a sea creature merry-go-round, several friendly sea creatures, a seashell seat, a swing, an opening seashell and there’s even a ballroom!.

Pearl The Mermaid sings, talks and helps kids learn when placed on MagicPoints.  There’s so much to move, listen to, play along and explore!

The castle can be viewed from the front and back allowing kids to share with other kids.

It’s a big, beautiful and bountiful castle of creativity that also comes with four accessories and is over two feet wide!  Wow!

My daughter has grown up and has a child of her own now.  I wish that the Shimmering Seashell Castle had been around when she was young.  She would have loved it!