Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Children are problem solvers.  As kids grow they learn to develop their learning and problem solving skills.  Working puzzles and building things help develop their dexterity and problem-solving skills.

One of the cleverest ways to encourage a child’s ability to solve problems, seek solutions and fertilize their growing cognitive skills is mazes.

We all remember tackling corn mazes, hedge mazes and those funny drawn mazes prevalent in children’s magazines and books when were kids.  It was fun getting lost and trying to find our way out of actual, physical mazes or solving the right directions to take in a picture maze.

What kid doesn’t like to figure things out, use their creativity and have fun in the process?

The 52-piece Maze-O STEM the Mighty Maze Maker! is the perfect toy for kids ages three years old and up. 

Snapping together colorful mazes pieces together encourage skids to create their own unique mazes or follow the enclosed instructions cards for making thirty-plus mazes.

Red, yellow, purple and red mazes pieces easily connect (even for little hands) and before a child knows it-they’ve created a maze!

The possibilities are endless.  Maze-O develops dexterity, problem-solving and encourages creativity and critical thinking skills.

As a former teacher I highly recommend Maze-O: The Mighty Maze Maker!  It’s fun, challenging and a great way to develop spatial reasoning, strategy, eye-hand coordination and problem solving.

The Starter Set comes with everything kids will need to create their own mazes.

Contents includes: 16 Turn, 8 Branch, 8 Dead-end, 16 Straight and 4 Entrance/Exit maze pieces.

From making pirate ships to fishes Maze-O is a’maze’ing!