Tuesday, February 13, 2018

The World Of The Orville

I was intrigued when I saw the first promotional clip of the Fox Network’s The Orville.

My first impression was that it was a Star Trek parody much like actor Tim Allen’s Galaxy Quest film.

When I found out the Family Guy creator Seth McFarlane was the show’s creator my enthusiasm waned a bit.  I’ve never been a big fan of his work.  I did know he was a HUGE Star Trek fan.

Thursday night rolled around and I thought I’d give the show a look.

I was pleasantly surprised.  While the show does have some comedic moments it is actually a very well-written and acted Science Fiction action/adventure/dramatic TV show worthy of the original Star Trek show but with more of the trappings of the Next Generation.

The special effects are amazing, the stories thought-provoking and for all intents and purposes it is Star Trek.

Ironically a new Paramount Pictures Star Trek series: Discovery, premiered at the same time as The Orville, with much less fanfare and audience enthusiasm.

I am an Orville fan and plan on watching the series for the duration.

Titan Books and author Jeff Bond celebrate The Orville and its crew with their brand new The World Of The Orville oversize, hardbound book.

The book delves deeply into the making of the series.  Starting with the overall design of the show from sets to costumes, weapons, spacecraft and more the book leaves no details out.

Cast, crew, character, storylines, sets and every aspect of the series are examined. 

Insights from the crew and cast, designers and others associated with The Orville along with insightful observations from the author make journeying through the book much like the mission of the spaceship itself-to explore.

I love the series and The World Of the Orville is a great companion and resource to the series.