Thursday, March 8, 2018

Justice League

I am super-excited!  Due to family and health problems I was not able to watch the Warner Bros./DC Comics Justice League movie when it came to theaters.
It was tough.  But, now that the Justice League movie is out on a Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack I’ve finally got to see my favorite group of super-heroes at their finest.

Warner Bros. has been building up to this moment with its Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman movies.  Add to the mix The Flash (played by a different actor than the one in The Flash TV show) and the introduction of Aquaman and Cyborg to the mix and you’ve got the perfect formula for a kick-your-behind movie!

Where else can you see classic DC heroes joined together to fight a common enemy?  Other than the DC Comics TV shows.
When dark forces (and Para-demons) start manifesting themselves on Earth Bruce Wayne (Batman) takes notice.  Wonder Woman joins him in an effort to muster up other ‘heroes’ to stop the threat.

At first the attempt is a little shaky but soon a coherent team is formed-minus the deceased Superman.  Don’t worry he shows up later.

Together the new Justice League takes on the movie’s bad guy: Steppenwolf and his Para-demons.  

Steppenwolf is attempting to obtain three Mother Boxes (sentient computers) from Atlantis, the Amazon island and mankind, to bring about the destruction of Earth and its transformation into a fiery new world for his master Darkseid.

DC fans should recognize the bad guys taken directly from artist/writer Jack Kirby’s Fourth World series which has become the foundation for the DC Comics Universe.

Watching Justice League is like witnessing the comic books come to life.  There’s humor, pathos, action, incredible fight scenes, spectacular visual and practical effects and so many DC Comics Easter Eggs fans will be talking about the film for years.

The Blu-ray/DVD/Digital Combo Pack also includes lots of extras like featurettes and much, much more!  As a longtime DC Comics fan I absolutely love this movie.  

I can’t wait for the sequel, the Aquaman and Flash movies and the second Wonder Woman movie.  DC Comics is here and the movie world will never be the same!