Saturday, April 14, 2018

Virtuoso Bears: Amadeus

Everyone needs a little class in their life.  If this case it’s not just class—it’s classical.

Research proves that during pregnancy and afterward as a young child develops that listening to classical music aids in their development.

Classical music fosters calm and relieves stress.

Just ask any new parents and they’ll tell you that having a calm child takes much of the stress off parents, let alone the child.

Combine classical music with a cute, cuddly teddy bear and you have a winning combination.

Vosego presents its Virtuoso Bears that are not only adorable but come with pre-loaded classical music guaranteed to calm the most fidgety child.

The Amadeus Bear includes 40 of Mozart’s greatest hits-all you need is batteries (which are included.)

Imagine your child holding this lovable bear dressed in its red satin jacket with gold embroidery and white collar and cuffs.

His light brown head is adorned with Mozart’s characteristic coiffure.

How could you not love Amadeus Bear’s black nose, wide black eyes, cute ears, soft fuzzy body and adorable smile?

Just think of the benefits to a child listening to classical music: sooths and relaxes, improves concentration and pattern recognition, sparks creativity, helps memory, enhances listening and develops a lifetime of loving music.

So much to love.  It’s classical music made fun.

The bear is washable and easy to clean and comes with a short bio of Mozart in its music pocket.  

Both Virtuoso Bears (Amadeus or Ludwig) are also for sale on Amazon and available with free 2-day Prime shipping for Prime members.