Saturday, April 7, 2018

The Prisoner The Essential Guide

Back in the 1960s two of my all-time favorite British TV series were The Avengers and The Prisoner.

The Avengers was a tongue-in-cheek, very British, fantasy spy series that never really took itself seriously.

While the episodes were good they never required viewers to ponder or question their context.

On the other hand The Prisoner, starring Patrick McGoohan, respected viewers’ intellects, challenged the status quo and often left questions unanswered, relying more on the viewers’ interpretations of the events shown.

While the show's run was relatively short it is considered by many to be one of the all-time great TV shows ever made.

I have a number of books about The Prisoner and they’re all good: informative, interesting and thorough.

But, what I really like about author Rick Davy’s The Prisoner The Essential Guide, published by Quoit Media Limited, is that is concise and gets to the meat and bones of the series.

While the book goes into detail it’s isn’t ponderous and overwhelming.

It is as it its name implies: an essential guide.  And it’s just plain fun to read and look at.

Everything about the series is covered:  its conception, execution, characters, settings, direction, credits, production and there’s even an episode guide.

It’s easy to navigate, filled with fun facts and ‘insider info’ and a wonderful way to spend a leisurely afternoon reading it through.

What a great vehicle by which those new to The Prisoner can discover all the fun facts about the series and to those who are The Prisoner veterans who hunger for more goodies about the cult classic.  Bravo!