Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Will Bear Share? and Will Sheep Sleep?

Having raised two children of our own and now baby-sitting a one year old grandson my wife and I pride ourselves on knowing what it takes to raise children.

By far one of the most important things to teach children involve books.

When dealing with small tykes it is important to select books that contain large and colorful illustrations and minimal text.

Kids 0 to 3 years old are developing their cognitive skills during this time period and it is imperative that books challenge both the visual and auditory skills of children.

Author/artist Hilary Leung and Scholastic Books recognize how critical it is to teach children beginning at an early age.

Leung recently released two books that fill the criteria mentioned above.

Both books are small, hardbound volumes with thick pages making it easy for young children to hold and turn pages.

Both books are durable, easily cleaned and perfect for small kids.

Will Bear Share? and Will Sheep Sleep? contain delightful and colorful illustrations accompanied by short, direct text that make it possible for children to follow along.

Ask any parent and they’ll tell you children tend to have short attention spans.  Both books address this issue by offering concise, to-the-point, simplified text and primary and secondary colorful illustrations that immediately draw young children’s attention.

Sleep and sharing are subjects young kids easily identify with and the books make both concepts easy to understand.