Wednesday, November 28, 2018

The Home

Finally, a collection of comic strips I can identify with!
Gary Burghoff’s (Radar of TV's M.A.S.H.) The Home, illustrated by Mark O-Neill and published by BearManor Media is about a bunch of old folks who decide to take their twilight years into their own hands.

Drawn from all political points of view, social status, money (or lack thereof), nationality and diverse opinions, the old folks of The Home definitely have their own takes on life’s ups and downs.

Whether it’s preparing to move into a retirement home, writing their memoirs, taking up social and political issues or dealing with life in the old lane the elders of The Home serves up plenty of humor.

Join Barney, Vera, Morrie, Wilma. Constance, Mrs. Quigley, Regina and Koshi as they deal with life, and each other.

For some humor on the old side be sure to visit Gary Burghoff’s The Home.

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