Monday, March 25, 2019

Apocalypse and Thrillers

Mill Creek Entertainment’s latest DVD 4 in 1 Collection is a disaster (make that disasters)!

Get ready for the Apocalypse as a triplet of movies predict the end of the world along with a fourth ghostly tale.

Miami Magma threatens the southern city with a violent end if oil drilling is not stopped before a super volcano erupts below the city.

New Orleans has had its share of disasters but its citizens aren’t prepared for what comes next.

When an earthquake opens up a series of fissures, fire-breathing, giant spider emerge.  Talk about arachnophobia!  It’s an Arachnoquake!

Leave to dad to get ticked off and create freak weather conditions to kill his enemies.

In Weather Wars, the scientist’s two sons must stop him from destroying Washington D.C.  Awe, do they have to?

Never upset your high-school principal because he might come back from the dead and seek revenge. 

In Ghostquake a mysterious janitor and the principal's grandson are left to thwart the evil spirit’s plans for some trapped teenagers.

Family, friends and strangers-do we really know who they are?  What deep dark secrets do they hold?

In the Thriller 4 in 1 DVD collection viewers discover some secrets are best left unsolved.

In Status: Unknown some old friends decide to keep in touch after a class reunion.  When classmates suddenly stop texting and updating their status suspicions arise. 

By all appearances Alyssa is the perfect nanny.

When the Turling’s adopted daughter turns up missing Alyssa’s secrete is revealed and the father: Ben Turling, realizes his past has come back to haunt him in Nanny Seduction.

When a woman suspects her husband is having an affair.  She follows him to his latest home renovation only to find him dead.

In A Deadly Affair things are not always what they seem.

Exactly one year after her father is killed her mother is also found dead.

The daughter is the prime suspect and it’s left up to her friends and her to discover the truth--Did I Kill My Mother?

Both DVD collections also offer Digital access.

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