Monday, April 29, 2019

The Shield, Robin Hood and A Hero’s Welcome

Get ready for a game-changer!

Vic Mackey is a corrupt cop.  He also runs an elite Strike Team.  The only rules are his rules, so best not to get in his way.

Mill Creek Entertainment is proud to present the cop show that changed all the rules.

All seven seasons are included in this massive boxed DVD collection spotlighting Vic Mackey and his rough and tumble, break the rules band of misfits that aren’t above ruffling the law to bring in the bad guys.

It’s the show that changed what a cop show could be.

The Shield reinvented the cop genre and racked up critical acclaim from the critics.

It’s down and dirty, a little bit sleazy, always trend-breaking and a great show.

Also included with the new 4K digital restoration are featurettes, commentaries, deleted scenes, a 2018 cast reunion and much more.

It grabs you by the throat and never lets go!  Discover a new kind of anti-hero who you love to hate and hate to love.

Long, long ago a British import TV series captured the imagination of the American TV viewing audience.

The Adventures Of Robin Hood The Complete Series includes all 143 episodes of the classic series.

In it Richard Greene plays Robin Hood aided and abetted by his Merry Band Of Men and Maid Marion as they thwart the nefarious plans of the Sheriff of Nottingham.

Hidden deep within the dark and dangerous Sherwood Forest Robin’s band of men hatch their plans to steal from the rich and give to the poor,

This is TV as it was meant to be: entertaining, uplifting and suitable for the entire family.

I loved it as a kid and I know you will too.

With over 58 hours of wholesome entertainment covering four seasons, the DVD collection is the perfect way to discover what it means to be a true hero and champion of the down trodden.

In A Hero’s Welcome three outstanding documentary films explore a hero who rallied the Filipino people against the Japanese, a band of heroes determined to return the remains of their fallen comrades home and a return to one of the bloodies conflicts of WWII:  Tarawa.

Discover what it means to serve your country despite the danger, self-sacrifice and deplorable conditions.

Never Surrender, Until They Are Home and Return To Tarawa are sure to stir your patriotic blood and swell your chest with pride.

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