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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Many Faces Of Snoopy

He’s the dog with all the disguises, the pooch with plenty of aliases and the canine Chameleon.  
He’s Snoopy-that lovable beagle in the Peanuts comic strip by Charles M. Schulz.

Andrews McMeel Publishing presents the ‘Many Face Of Snoopy: a small hardbound book featuring the most beloved dog in America.

He’s no ordinary beagle.  He’s a scout leader, WWI pilot, Joe Cool, a detective, a pirate, champion tennis player, professor, Preppy, secret agent, Masked Marvel and more.

Full color strips spotlight the many guides and disguises of the beagle that drives Charlie Brown and his friend’s crazy.  It’s doggone fun! 

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

The Walking Dead Rick’s Shotgun and Refill Pack

Are you prepared for the Zombie Apocalypse?  Do you have your supplies and most importantly your stash of weapons ready to go?

Choose your weapons.  I have.  I choose Buzz Bee Toys’, a division of Alex Brands, new The Walking Dead Rick’s Shotgun with side by side, double barrel dart blaster.

It’s just the thing to take out those nasty Walking Dead, especially when you don’t have the time to reload.  It offers the maximum carnage for the least amount of effort.

Take out those flesh-eating zombies up to 72 feet away. For pinpoint accuracy use its detachable scope and never worry about having enough ammo.  Rick’s Shotgun comes with a secret storage compartment for extra ammo.

Load your Walking Dead killer darts into your custom shotgun shell casings by flipping open the shotgun, just like a real one, load your shells and you’re ready to rock!

Pull the trigger part way and one barrel blasts, pull more and the second barrel lets go its lethal cargo.

Pull the trigger down hard all the way and both barrels blast at once!  The Walking Dead never stand a chance!

Extra Ultra-Darts are available in a 14 Dart Refill Pack.

Made of heavy duty plastic in bright red and orange (no mistaking it for a real gun) The Walking Dead Rick’s Shotgun looks like the real thing right down to its flip-open twin barrels, shell casings, stock, trigger and shell housing.

Secure in place by tie-downs in its colorful heavy duty open front display box, Rick’s Shotgun is a zombie killing, double barrel of fun as kids (and adults) take on the nasty flesh-eaters in style.

Other weapons are available including Andrea’s Rifle Zombie Blaster, Abraham’s M16 Zombie Blaster and Carl’s Revolver Zombie Blaster. 

Choose your weapon, you won’t be disappointed.

Previews, November

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Uber: Invasion #2 l AVATAR PRESS INC
Ladycastle #1 l BOOM! STUDIOS
James Bond: Felix Leiter #1 l D. E./DYNAMITE ENTERTAINMENT
Psychodrama Illustrated #1 l FANTAGRAPHICS BOOKS
Johnny Hazard Sundays Archive 1944-1946 Full Size Tabloid HC l HERMES PRESS
Ghost In Shell Deluxe RTL Volume 1 HC l KODANSHA COMICS
Ghost In Shell Deluxe RTL Volume 2 HC l KODANSHA COMICS
Voltron: Legendary Defender Volume 1 TP l LION FORGE
The Damned Volume 1 GN l ONI PRESS INC.
The Rift #1 l RED 5 COMICS
Reassignment #1 l TITAN COMICS
Assassins Creed: Defiance #1 l TITAN COMICS
Generation Zero Volume 1: We Are the Future TP l VALIANT ENTERTAINMENT LLC

Spank: The Art of Fernando Caretta SC l ART BOOKS
Star Wars Collectibles Price Guide Magazine l STAR WARS
The Walking Dead Magazine #19 l THE WALKING DEAD
Suicide Squad Skull T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS
Wonder Woman Amazon Pride By Cho T-Shirt l GRAPHITTI DESIGNS
Ghostbusters Select Series 5 Action Figures l DIAMOND SELECT TOYS & COLLECTIBLES
The Walking Dead Figurine Magazine #26: Negan l EAGLEMOSS
Alien & Predator Collection #3: Hicks l EAGLEMOSS
Alien & Predator Collection #4 :Alien 3 Xenomorph l EAGLEMOSS
Alien & Predator Collection Special #1: Mega Alien Xenomorph l EAGLEMOSS
DC Comics: Suicide Squad Harley Quinn Q-Pop Figure l DC HEROES
The Flash: Flash Season 2 Suit Statue Paperweight l ICON HEROES
Arrow: Deathstroke Statue Paperweight l ICON HEROES
Arrow: Green Arrow Statue Paperweight l ICON HEROES
Dark Souls II DXF Volume 1: Bearer of the Curse Figure l VIDEO GAMES
Godzilla 12-Inch Series: Godzilla 1999 Version 2 Figure l GODZILLA
DC Universe: Harley Quinn Artfx+ Statue l KOTOBUKIYA
DC Comics Variant Play Arts Kai: Batman Rogues Gallery: The Joker Figure l DC COMICS
Destroyah S.H.Monster Arts Special Color Figure l GODZILLA
One Piece POP Sits on a Chair: Trafalgar Law PVC Figure l ONE PIECE
Mass Effect 3: Thane Krios Statue l VIDEO GAMES
DC Heroes Stress Dolls l SD TOYS
The Flash: CCPD Metahuman Taskforce Decal l DC CWTV
The Flash: The Flash Museum Decal l DC CWTV
DC Heroes: For Darkseid Decal l DC HEROES
Marvel Heroes: Classic Doctor Strange Decal l MARVEL HEROES
Marvel Heroes: Nelson & Murdock Bumper Sticker l MARVEL HEROES
Ghostbusters: The Board Game II l CRYPTOZOIC ENTERTAINMENT
Munchkin Moops Monster Mashup l STEVE JACKSON GAMES
Magic the Gathering TCG: Aether Revolt l WIZARDS OF THE COAST
Dungeons & Dragons: Assault of the Giants Board Game l WIZKIDS/NECA
Marvel Heroclix: Deadpool and X-Force l WIZKIDS/NECA

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Power Man #48

An unusual phenomenon has occurred over the last ten years or so.  The ‘Big Two’: Marvel and DC Comics, have successfully translated their characters to TV, movies and animation.

DC Comics has great success on network TV and animated cartoon series and movies while Marvel has conquered cable and Netflix and the movies.

Both companies have their strengths and weaknesses but are highly popular with fans.

The Marvel Comics Netflix universe has introduced viewers to Jessica Jones, Daredevil and recently Luke Cage with Iron Fist and The Defenders soon to follow.

Luke Cage was introduced in the Jessica Jones show and has become a hit on its own merits.  Rumors are that Danny Rand: Iron Fist, will be introduced on Luke Cage or Jessica Jones.

Way back in the late 1970s during the Bronze Age of comic books Luke Cage was created.
While in prison under false charges Luke is given the opportunity to reduce his prison term if he agrees to take part in an untested scientific experiment.

Something goes wrong and Luke finds himself with super powers: super strength, near invulnerability and increased stamina.

Escaping prison during the fervor Luke takes up the moniker of Power Man: Hero For Hire and proceeds to use his new abilities to fight crime in the ‘The Hood’.

During one of his adventures Luke encounters Iron Fist and a fight ensues due to a massive misunderstanding.

Issue #48 of Power Man began the three-part saga introducing the two characters to each other an ultimately resulting in them teaming up to fight crime with a title change to Power Man and Iron Fist.

Issue #48 is a key issue for a number of reasons from their initial introduction to each other, their love interests and some of the early artwork provided by penciller superstar John Byrne.
Longtime X-men scribe Chris Claremont provided the script.  

Monday, October 17, 2016

Skip Trace

Jackie is back!  Join Jackie Chan and Johnny Knoxville in a brand new action/adventure/comedy movie on Blu-ray/Digital HD from Lionsgate.
In Skip Trace Jackie plays a detective who has for years has been trying to pin a murder wrap on a local crime lord. 
He discovers that by playing things by-the-book it has done nothing more than drag the case of his former partner’s death along for years.
When by chance he learns that a freewheeling American gambler has the hard evidence he needs he finds himself with an unlikely ally in the war against the crime lord.
Now if they can just survive!
It’s laugh out loud action and adventure as only Jackie Chan can serve up.
Jackie still has it and he proves it with his outrageous physical and comedic stunts.
Chan and Knoxville prove to be a perfect oddball pair that makes watching the film a real delight.
Extras include a featurette and a commentary.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Art Of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children

It’s a match made in Heaven.  Ransom Rigg’s, the writer behind Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children, and director Tim Burton (Edward Scissorhands, Beetlejuice, Pee Wee’s Big Adventure) have teamed up to bring said book to the big screen.
Burton is known for his quirky, odd, disturbing and oddball movies loved by millions.  His unique vision coincides perfectly with the tale of peculiar children possessing peculiar powers.
The Art Of Miss Peregrine’s Home For Peculiar Children showcases the tremendous amount of work, imagination, preparation and cinematic genius that translated the book perfectly into a movie.
Readers are given a first-hand account and tour of the making of the film.
Character designs, set construction, costume and clothing preparation, visual and practical effects, pre and post production and so much more are covered in infinite detail.
Read accounts by the director, production team, actors and others associated with the film complemented by artwork, photos of cast, crew, sets, locations and production facilities.

For a true behind-the-scenes visual tour of the film and its production and completion this book is wonderful compilation of facts, photos and fun courtesy of Quirk Books.

Friday, October 14, 2016

VW Van, Junkers, Superhind

Hasegawa Hobby Kits 1/48 Scale Junkers Ju88A-10 (A-5 Trop) North Africa Limited Edition model kit captures all the excitement and fervor felt by the Axis forces during WWII.

This magnificent aircraft model kit captures in perfect detail the deadly dive-bombing dynamo taunted by the Axis forces as the ultimate dive-bombing, torpedo-bombing and night-fighting, multi-purpose aircraft designed and envisioned by Hitler’s Luftwaffe.

With its impressive 3,000-lb+-bomb payload, destructive firepower and lightning speed the Junkers Ju88A-10 was the terror of the skies over North Africa.

Especially designed to fly in the hot, humid and dusty skies over African battlefields the Junkers was the perfect aircraft for strategic strikes and with its moderate range capabilities could be counted on to support Rommel’s Afrikakorps.

The model (like all Hasegawa Hobby Kits) is a marvel of miniature design and implementation.  Parts detach easily from part trees with little or no flashing,

Precision tooling guarantees parts fit together snuggly and the easy-to-understand instructions make painting, decal application and assembly a breeze.

For a real feel for the WWII aircraft check out its broad wings, faceted upper and lower cockpit window assemblies, twin-three prop propellers and gun emplacements and careful attention to detail right down to the interior cockpit to the landing gear.

The 1/72 Scale Mi-24/35 Mk.III Superhind Limited Edition helicopter model kit perfectly duplicates, in miniature, the massive size and impressive weapon-laden serious Soviet smack-down fighter helicopter.

With its heavy armor and over-the-top firepower the Superhind is an upgraded aircraft with state-of-the-art weapons and avionics.

Manufactured in the 1970s the Superhind is still in use today!

The five-prop, killer copter comes with missile launchers, heavy artillery, a double-decker cockpit and enough sophisticated electronics and weapons to make the strongest and bravest opponent tuck their tails between their legs.

Imagine stepping into this massive beast with huge fuselage, weapons rippling all over its frame and its huge turbine engine spinning its powerful copter blades!

The model kit features new resin and metal parts.

Enough with war and fighting!  Time for a little fun!

The 1/24 Scale Volkswagen® Type 2 Delivery Van "Girls of Summer" Limited Edition model kit takes a peach to the beach.

This classic VW van comes in a bright color scheme with plenty of Anime and Manga inspired decals.

Get ready for some fun in the sun as you assemble this vintage van that includes the oversize VW front loo panel, a split front windshield, side mirrors, classic VW headlights, turn signals, bumpers and more!

Throw in some chrome trim, custom VW wheels and rims, an enclosed rear van section and its ready to load up suntan lotion, surfboards and beach bunnies for some serious fun.

Saturday, October 8, 2016


Ever since his introduction in The New Mutants Marvel Comic Book back in the 1980s, Deadpool, the merc with a mouth, has rose up the ranks as one of Marvel fans' favorite character.

Of all of Marvel's characters (except She Hulk) Deadpool is the only character that realizes he is a comic book character.  Often Deadpool can be seen talking directly to readers. 

Having successfully broken the 'fourth wall' Deadpool has gone on to star in his own title, video game and recently block buster movie-with a second movie in the works.

As is his due Deadpool has finally gone up in lights-not movie lights-literally a light!

3D Light FX proudly presents the latest addition to its 3D Deco Light selection with its very own Deadpool 3D light.

That's right!  Deadpool's gorgeous, full-size, masked head lights up!

Simple install some batteries (not included) and with a flip of a switch, LED's light up Deadpool's head.  Watch his eyes glow.  Now that's a night light!

Grab Deadpool's face (he'll thank you for it) slap it on the cracked adhesive wall decor and viola!

Deadpool's mug looks like it just smashed thought your wall or other flat surface.

Easy to install, the Deadpool 3D Deco Light turns off in 60 minutes, never gets hot and looks great on or off.

So what are you waiting for!?  Here's the perfect chance to plaster Deadpool's face through a wall!  And don't worry-he heals fast!

Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Railroads and Railroading

I was born and raised in the state of Michigan.  Most of the 20 years I lived there was in the little town of Milford about 30 miles outside of Detroit.
Nearby was Pontiac, Holly, Ann Arbor, Flint and Highland.
The auto industry and manufacturing were the lifeblood of most of the communities in and around Detroit.  Milford was no exception.  Most everyone worked for the 'Big Three' auto manufacturers or companies that made parts for them.
Such heavy industry required tons of raw materials.  Railroads provided most of the transportation for raw materials shipped in from all over the US and some from overseas.
I grew up and around trains.  Several of homes my Mom and I shared were barely 20 feet from railroad tracks.
My childhood friends and I often walked the rails and waved at passing trains as they rushed by delivering their goods.
Trains and railroads held a special place in my heart (they still do) and I still get  a thrill watching a passing train be it freight or passenger.
Hachette Book Group/Quarto Publishing and Crestline offer two great books about trains and railroads here in North America.
In 'The Complete Book of North American Railroading' by EuDaly, Schafer, Boyd, Jessup, McBride and Glischinski readers are served up a real treat on rails.
Starting with the early history of railroads in North America the book follows the ups and down of railroads through the decades up until the present.
Color photos of famous trains, types of trains and railways are presented.
Freight, passenger, steam, electric, diesels, railroad infrastructure and the evolution of railroading culminating with the ultra-sophisticated rail system of today are all examined, lovingly chronicled and complemented by historical and present day photos and more.
'Railroads Across North America An Illustrated History' compiled and written by Claude Wiatrowski, takes a slightly different approach concerning the history of railroads in North America.
Besides fascinating historical text and insights into the long legacy of railroads, the book also includes photos of railroad memorabilia including postcards schedules, posters, advertisements and more.
Learn how trains were used to promote the holidays, Hollywood productions, tours, special events and select destinations.
Discover about working on the railroads, clubs, circus trains, types of trains, their destinations, work on the railroads and even railroad museums.  If it's about trains and railroads, this book has it.
Both books are colorful, oversize hardbacks bulging with photos and text. 

So grab your railway ticket and luggage and get ready to travel the rails of North America.  All aboard!

Monday, October 3, 2016

Animal, Anatomy and Wore

After having gone to college for four years and earning a Bachelor's Degree in Art, working in advertising and marketing for 25 years and teaching Drawing, AP Drawing and Commercial Art for 11 years I've learned one important thing: preparation is everything!
I've drawn people and animals all of my life and I can state categorically, "There is nothing magic about drawing.  It takes time to study, prepare and practice."
Part of drawing any human or animal is not just putting lines on paper. 
Over the years I've driven into my students' brains that it is just important to know about the things that don't show when drawing animals and humans as it is to know what's on the outside.
Like an architect or engineer an artist must understand the building blocks of human or animal figures.  Muscles, bones, tendons, skin folds, hair patterns-they all play an important part in drawing living, breathing creatures.
Dover Publications understands this and that's why I am so excited to introduce three titles that I believe every artist worth their pencils and paper should have:
First up is Victor Perard's 'Anatomy And Drawing'.
This book examines the human body (male and female, young an old) from every possible angle and position (both inside and out).
Pages contain illustrations that demonstrate how to draw every part of the body shown from the inside out.  Bones, muscles, connecting tissue, heads, ears, eyes, noses, hands, action shots, figures in repose, group shots, male, female, old, and young are all examined in minute detail.  Muscles and bones are labeled and categorized.  It's like having an anatomy book at your fingertips.
Another word of advice to anyone seriously considering making art your vocation: take anatomy and figure drawing classes.  That way you get to experience the "in and out" of the human figure.
It's not only important to understand in inner and outer workings of humans, it is just important to know the same about animals.
Trust me.  Drawing animals is much more difficult than humans-at least from my experience.  Just the sheer number of animals is mind-boggling!
In Ken Hultgren's "The Art Of Animal Drawing: Construction, Action Analysis, Caricature" you'll learn everything there is to learn about drawing animals.
Muscles. bones, fur, scales, skin, proper action poses, drawing techniques and more are included in this 'must have' resource for the artist.
If there is one thing I learned after studying this book it's, "I have a lot to learn!"
It's all well and good to be able to draw the human figure.  However (other than a few exceptions) humans do not tend to run around naked.  They are clothed and have been for many centuries.
"What People Wore' by Douglas Gorsline, provides 1,800 illustrations from Ancient Times to the Early Twentieth Century.
Every conceivable type of clothing is included: suits, dress, gowns, headwear, shoes and sandals and every type of accessory ever dreamed up by man.  
The book is an invaluable guide to all things fashion.

I plan on using it as a reference for a number of projects I'm currently drawing.  It's true what they say, "Cloths do make the man."