Saturday, June 16, 2018

Scooby Apocalypse, Star Trek, Solo, Infinity War and The Last Jedi

Are you ready for Scooby Doo and The Mystery Machine Gang like you’ve never seen them before?
Titan Comics/Magazines presents the first three issues of DC Comics Scooby Apocalypse comic book series (available in the U.K. only) in an explosive fist issue which also includes a poster and the chance to win some awesome t-shirts.

Things start out with a bang as readers are introduced to each member of the team-only it’s not what you expect.

Fred and Daphne are a team of washed up TV show investigators checking out a lead at a weird gathering.  Their contact is Velma who is part of a team of scientists working on nanites.  Scooby Do is one of her company’s last experiments and Shaggy is a fellow employee and pal to Scooby.

Velma has contacted Fred and Daphne to investigate suspicious things going on within her company.

Shaggy and Scooby join them after Scooby thinks Velma is threatened by Fred and Daphne
Together the team enter Velma’s company’s underground complex and proceed to a ‘safe room’.

Suddenly the power goes off.  When the team manages to get out they discover that the entire complex’s staff have been transformed into flesh-eating monsters.  The same is true of the people above ground.

They secure a high-tech Mystery Machine and set out to discover what happened.  What they discover does not look good.

What a fun read! The cover by Jim Lee and the interior art by Howard Porter really propel the story along by writer J. M. DeMattis.  Scooby Doo is back and he’s on one heck of a roller-coaster ride!

In issue #66 of the Star Trek Official Magazine fans of Star Trek Discovery get to join in on the celebration of its Season 1 Finale.

Get ready for some Kool Kelvin Kollectibles, a new Trek comic book debut, some Star Trek Cats, a few Event Horizon happenings, a Merch Roundup (including some new McFarlane Trek action figures) and stand tall with Discovery’s Doug Jones.

Ride Voyager’s Wake, join Russia’s revolutionary Pavel Chekov and learn about Klingon honor.

Get a Federation history lesson, go behind the Shroud, read all about one of Star Trek’s founding fathers: Robert H. Justman, be careful not to get stuck in the Mudd and learn about the Prometheus. 

Enter the Holodeck, take a Trek Quiz and learn much more about all the Trek TV shows and movies complete with lots (and lots!) of photos and art.

The Star Wars Official Magazine #181 goes into detail about the new Solo movie, look for lots of Star Wars merchandize, books and goodies, get ready for some new Stormtroopers, Director Ron Howard chats about Solo and plot a course into danger.

What is exactly Lando’s pride and joy?  Production designer John Harper speaks out as does Scott Bromley, see the Force behind the cinematics, take a look at some classic Star Wars comic books from Marvel Comics starring Han Solo and Doug Chang invents worlds.

Finn’s journey continues, Gentle Giant builds a better R2-D2 and be sure to look at all the photos, sketches and art from all of the Star Wars films.  You’ll be glad you did!

Avengers Infinity War is the break-out film hit of the summer raking in (so far) two billion dollars!
Everything comes together as each Marvel movie has led up to the events in the Infinity War.

The Official Movie Special looks back over all the events that led up to ultimate culmination of hero against villain with all of existence in the balance.

Slowly, painfully all of the pieces come together to fruition as Thanos assembles the Infinity Stones so that he might set his master plan into place.  The results?  Half of all life is wiped from existence!

Learn about each stone and its power and the cast of Infinity Wars is interviewed (complete with awesome full color photos).  Each recounts their experiences with the movie and being a part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Readers are given a first-hand look at the making of the film and how it came about.

Star Wars The Last Jedi both delighted and infuriated Star Wars fans.  Some loved it, others hated it.  
Regardless of its effect, the movie was a hit and The Souvenir Guide To The Movie goes into full detail about the making of the film.
Learn all about the key players, the cast and crew, aliens, ships, direction, art, special effects and much more.  
 It’s a fascinating look at the making of a blockbuster film as seen by those who were up-close and personal with the film.

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

My Life, My Wife

I’ve often written about my life as a young boy and teenager.  It’s easy to wax nostalgic for earlier days: no responsibilities, life was full of potential and dreams would someday come true-or so I thought.
Instead, I matured into my late teens, went to college and found myself alone, lonely and with no direction or purpose to my life.

And then it happened-I met HER! I still remember the first time I saw her: long blond hair, a beautiful smile, a killer figure and the sweetest personalities I had ever encountered in a woman.

I fell head-over-heels for her.  I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

Uncharacteristically (women intimidated me) I approached her and asked her for her phone number and if she’d like to go out sometime.  Remarkably she gave me her number and said yes.

Two weeks later we went on our first date.  We continued to date for almost a year until I got the courage to ask her to marry me.  She said YES!  We were married about six months later.

It’s been 39 wonderful years and I love her more and more each day.

She’s the love of my life and one of the most patient women I know.  She has to be to be married to me.
While I’m the dreamer, she’s the realist.  I tend to drift off in conversations and into my own little world.  She pulls me back to reality-but never in a hateful way.

Oh, we’ve had our spats-mostly caused by me. She has to get after me about making messes, thinking about what I’m doing, listening and keeping focused-something I think all men have in common.

I’m surprised (and delighted) she still puts up with me.  I can be a royal pain, when I want to be.  And still, she loves me.

In the Bible God says that a wife is a ‘good’ thing and to be highly praised.  She is precious to me.  As her husband I always place her wants and needs above my own.  I would die for her.

Why God would allow me to have such a wonderful woman in my life is beyond me.  She’s everything I’m not: frugal, patient, generous the list goes on and on.

As we’ve grown closer I find myself wanting to emulate her strengths.  I want to share her compassion for others, her tender heart and most of all, her love of God.

I’ve got a way to go but with God’s grace and the love of this incredible woman maybe I’ll make it someday.

Until then I’ll thank God everyday for her and pray that we have many more wonderful years together.  I look forward to growing old together.

Wild Wild Westerners & Names And Faces

Back when I was a kid and young teenager I went through a stage when TV Westerns and movies were my all-time favorites.
I especially loved watching all the Western TV series such as The Wild, Wild West, The Rifleman, Maverick and similar programs.

Most of the TV and movie stars that played pivotal roles in the Western TV series and movie Westerns are gone now.  There are few exceptions.

Back then Westerns were a mirror of the times.  The good guys always won and the bad guys always got their just desserts-either jail time or pushing up daisies.

Right and wrong were clearly defined and kids could look up to their cinema or TV Western heroes.  High morals, honesty and virtue were espoused and promoted.

In Tim Weaver’s new book: Wild Wild Westerners, published by BearManor Media, readers are treated to a roundup of interviews with Western movie and TV veterans.

Both major and minor players recount their times spent on TV or movie Westerns.  They chat about what it was like to play along-side major movie stars and recount some of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans and goings--on set and off, complete with photos.

Familiar names (at least to my generation) such as Robert Colbert, June Lockhart, Fess Parker and close to 20 other character actors offer their movie memories in a wonderful book that is sure to be a favorite of TV Western and movie fans.

You’ve seen their faces on the Silver Screen or on TV shows a thousand times.  They play everything from cowboys, scientists, henchmen, friends, neighbors, cops, crook-you name it-they’ve played it.

They are Names You Never Remember, With Faces You Never Forget.

They are the bit actors that provided the window-dressings that make a TV or movie star shine.

Without them TV shows and movies would be boring.  They bring a sense of familiarity to Westerns, Dramas, Sci-fi, Soap Opera and other TV and Film genres. 

Author Justin Humphreys conducted interviews with the movie character actors primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Accompanied by photos each actor recalls their many roles and how they got into the business accompanied by anecdotes and a listing of films they appeared in.

Film buffs will get a kick out of the stories, recollections and behind-the-scenes information they share.

Tuesday, June 12, 2018

And So It Begins…

As I mentioned numerous times in my commentaries I have a lot of collectible stuff: comic books, toys, model kits, trading cards, etc.
It’s an accumulation that began almost 40 years ago and continued to grow and proliferate as Collectors’ Corner grew.

Two to three years ago I started eliminating the overflow in our garage-mostly toys and model kits.  So far, I’ve sold off, given away or traded all of the model kits and a good chunk of the toys.  Some people got some great deals.

Other, more expensive toys and select comic books, I sold through a friend’s E-bay site for a small commission and a huge profit.

Those toys, comic books another collectible items I wish to keep I’ve moved into my Mancave for safe keeping.  Not all-but most of them.

This last week I’ve bit the bullet and pulled all my remaining toys (by type) and put them into the garage and…dare I say it?..preparing to sell them!  AAAArgh!

Hard as it is to believe I am in the first stage of eliminating most of my collectibles.  I will keep some for sure but the majority is going the way of the marketplace.

Of my comic books I plan on keeping many of my duplicates and a few key runs (mostly John Byrne stuff) and a smattering of other issues that I just like.  Needless to say there are a ton of Silver, Bronze and Copper Age comic books going up for sale.

Of the toys, I will keep my James Bond figures and several other movie and tie-in series such as Stargate SG-1, Star Trek, etc.  There are a few select superhero toys I may keep such as Mattel’s DC Superheroes series.

“Everything else will go!”  I can’t believe I said that!

I’ve already set aside the collectibles my kids want and a few items for my grandson.

“Why the sudden urgency to sell off my stuff?” you may ask.

Simple…I’m getting old.  My wife and I want to downsize.  And as the saying goes, “You can’t take it with you."
Pains me as it does I’ve come to realize that time stops for no man.  So I’ve decided I would rather sell off my stuff, use the money for retirement and pass on my stuff to others who will enjoy them.  I want them to have a good home.

I knew this time was coming and in some respects I’m sad and yet glad to get it over with.  I’m not sure how I’ll go about selling the stuff off yet.  But it will happen.

It’s been fun while it lasted and I’ll still pick up a few items now and again but it’s time to make a clean house-literally!