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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Kids HearMuffs

Call me old-fashioned but I don’t remember the amount of loud noises everywhere when I was growing up.

It seems nowadays that wherever you go there are noise-lots of them-loud noises-unnecessary loud noises.

Radios blasting, movies that shake the theater with their soundtracks, traffic, sporting events, and shopping malls—there’s no escaping loud noises.

As adults we tend to tune-out most of the noises-or at least we try to.

But, what about young children?  Do they need to be bombarded from sound every second of every day?  Whatever happened to quiet times?

As a former teacher and a parent and grandparent I constantly warn kids (and their parents) that loud noises are detrimental to their child’s (and their own hearing). 

If I child is raised around loud noises from an early age it WILL have an effect on their hearing when they get older.

I can’t count the times I used to have to repeat myself to my students because they could not hear me.  And when I say repeat-I mean repeat what I said it loudly!

There is a solution, or least part of a solution.

The most logical solution is to avoid loud noise as much as possible.  If that is not possible all the time then parents should consider Lucid Audio’s Kids HearMuffs.

Here’s how they work. 

The smooth adjustable foam headphones slip over a child’s head.  They are adjustable for growing children and are made of kid safe material.

The padded ear phones muffle and tone down loud noises when cupped over a child’s ears.

Made for kids five to ten years old the HearMuffs are perfect for keeping loud noises out at sporting events, concerts, movies or for establishing quiet times.

If it’s important to parents that their child’s hearing is preserved.  The HearMuffs muffle noise and ensure that when the child grows to adulthood they continue to have great hearing.

Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Crossbow, 9 Lives and American Sniper

We’ve all heard or read of the legend of William Tell.  The story goes that William shot an apple off his son’s head.  Legend also tells of William’s heroism, integrity and love for his country: Switzerland.

So much so that he became its champion and fought for the rights and freedom of his people against Tyrannical governor Gessler who wanted nothing more than Tell’s death and control of Switzerland, its wealth and people.

Join William Tell, his son and members of the rebellion as they fight for their fatherland in Mill Creek Entertainment’s DVD/Digital Crossbow the Legend Of William Tell The Complete Series.

Discover the true legend of William Tell and join the resistance!

You know them by name: Will Smith, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Steven Seagal, Samuel L, Jackson, Jamie Foxx, Bill Paxton, Rutger Hauer, Chuck Norris and Jan-Michael Vincent-the baddest of the bad good guys.

Join them in Mill Creek’s Blu-ray 9 Lives Movie Collection as they battle the bad guys, save the world and dish out their own form of justice-with a vengeance.

Here’s what you get: S.W.A.T., Stealth, Vertical Limit, Universal Soldier: The Return, Last Action Hero, Blind Fury, Silent Rage, White Line Fever and Into The Sun.

No matter how you serve it-justice and vengeance are cold, calculated and guaranteed if these guys have anything to say about it.

It’s all-out action, plenty of fists and feet flying, weapons fired and plenty of adrenalin charged mayhem!

Several years ago I met a young man who was the former student of a fellow teacher.  

Talking to the young man I discovered he was a U.S. Marine Sniper.  The stories he told me both frightened and fascinated me.

I grew to respect the young man and appreciated the sacrifice he made and danger he faced.

In the Legend Of The American Sniper Blu-ray/Digital collection viewers are taken on a time travel trip to the genesis of the American Sniper and travel through the centuries to today’s highly-trained, ultra-sophisticated and outstanding brotherhood of American Snipers.

Learn how these very special soldiers operate, the weapons they use and the intense training they are required to perform.  It’s a wonderful homage to unsung freedom fighting heroes.  

Thursday, February 15, 2018


What stands approximately 13 inches tall, is beautifully sculpted and detailed, features striking color and pigment application and is made of solid polyresin?

Here’s a hint.  He was originally part of the New Teen Titans introduced in 1980, is part machine, was once a top-rated high school athlete and is currently a member of the Justice League.

If you guessed Victor Stone (aka Cyborg) you guessed right!

DC Collectibles presents its brand new Justice League Movie Cyborg Statue and boy-he’s awesome!

Limited to 5,000 pieces (I received AP08) the statue comes carefully packaged in a large flip-top box decorated with color photos of the Cyborg Statue on three sides, a large JL logo on its top and on the back are color photos front views of the other JL movie members (The Flash, Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman, Aquaman and of course-Cyborg).

Inside the box the statue is wrapped in clear plastic and nestled in a two-part Styrofoam encasement protecting it from damage.

The Cyborg Statue stands on a special sculpted JL logo shield-shaped stand. The JL letters are raised above the stand as is the shield’s edges and cut out between the JL letters is the JL’s star symbol.  It’s quite impressive.

The large base with a small hole cut in the J (where the small rod on Cyborg’s right foot slips into) allows the Cyborg Statue to stand securely in place.

Cyborg’s head perfectly captures the likeness of actor Ray Fisher’s face.  Covering the left side of his face and most of the back of his skull is a cybernetic skull cap/mask fitting complete with a centered forehead blue light, a red left eye and a cylindrical left ear. 

A chin strap covers his lower jaw that leads into a segmented neck and shoulder assembly complete with cable tendons, reinforced neck bones and vertebrae and open chest area between his metallic chest muscles where his alien energy rests. 

The metallic chest muscles and collar bones extend to twin cybernetic shoulders and arms consisting of alien technology, hinges, cables, reinforced elbows and large, black metallic hands, both of which are clenched.

Cyborg’s lower abdomen looks like a series of black ribs over layers of thin flexible metal cradling a red power source and the torso ends right at the hips complete with silver buttocks and crotch areas.

The silver, metallic upper legs sheaths fit around smaller black inner cables, wires and mechanics that make up the inner skeleton.

The silver and black knee joints are open and the legs are sheathed over the lower leg muscles.

Both ankles are exposed black machinery and Cyborg’s feet are pivoted and segmented for mobility and feature a single large toe on each and larger silver segments next to them compensating for the other four toes on each foot.

Each area of the statue is intricately detailed from Cyborg’s segmented and reinforced back ribs, large silver shoulder blades and back muscles, reinforced lower legs and the many wires, cables and electronic alien gear stud the entire statue.

The large metallic segments of his body are angular and look as they are trying to emulate the overlay of human muscles.  Deep grooves, lines and niches make up their surfaces.

It’s a phenomenal piece of sculpting that perfectly duplicates the Cyborg movie figure down to the finest and last detail.

Cyborg has always been one of my favorite DC characters ever since I first saw him in DC Comics DC Presents #26 insert and latter in the original George Perez and Marv Wolfman New Teen Titans series.

Although a tragic character stripped of his physical human shell he still managed to keep his sense of humor and good attitude.

The movie version is a logical update to the original comic book design and while his origin was slightly modified for the move it mostly stays true to his comic book origin.

The Cyborg Statue is the first DC Collectibles statue I have ever owned and after marveling at its quality I’m sure it will not be my last.

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Forgotten Gems and Mystery

A long time ago in 1959 when I was six years old my Mom made the mistake of letting me stay up one night to watch a new TV show called The Twilight Zone, created by Rod Serling.

I can remember the first broadcast episode like it was yesterday.  It was called ‘Where Is Everybody?’.

The episode featured a man who wanders into a small American town.  He soon discovers that there is no one there even though he can hear voices and music and manages to arrive in different stores only to find half-smoked cigarettes and partially eaten food.

It freaked me out!  And yet, I faithfully watched The Twilight Zone through its entire network run.

Through it all I experienced fear, shock, surprise and even humor.  I was never disappointed and to this day I am still a big fan of the original series.

Andrew Ramage edits a collection of Twilight Zone scripts lovingly recreated in their entirety courtesy of BearManor Media.

In Forgotten Gems From The Twilight Zone Volumes 1 & 2, twelve classic episode scripts (plus one revised final act and one revised shooting script) are included in the two books.

Relive such classic episodes like ‘Long Distance Call’, I Dream Of Genie’, ‘Dreamflight’ and more that invite you to take a trip to the unexpected and shadowy world of The Twilight Zone.

Forewords and script descriptions bring the episodes to life by providing special highlights, little known facts and interesting tidbits of information.

“You are about to enter another dimension. A dimension not only of sight and sound, but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land of imagination. Next stop, the Twilight Zone!”

Get ready to relive ‘100 Wonderful Television Mysteries From The Seventies’ in Donna Marie Nowak’s new Mad About Mystery book.

I don’t much care for the modern TV mysteries. 

Oh sure, there are few bright spots like N.C.I.S. and a smattering of others, including British Mysteries, but none of them compare to the TV Mysteries of the 1970s.

How could they?  Just look at what TV had to offer: Cannon, Charlie’s Angels, Columbo, Ironside, Hawaii Five-O, Mannix, McCloud, Rockford Files and over a dozen more classic series.

And let’s not forget the Made-For-TV Mystery movies.  Literally dozens exist.

It was a great time to be a Mystery fan.  I know, I was there.

Characters and shows had class back then.  A clear line between good and evil was carefully defined.

The little guy stood up to the powers that were and in the end-triumphed.  Joe Mannix always got his man as did Cannon, Ironside and the other lone wolf detectives and law enforcement officers.

Social issues were taken on but not in a preachy way.  Viewers were left up to decide their own conclusions.

And…the shows were fun to watch—as a family.  Sure there was violence but not the kind of in-your-face type you see that is prevalent in films and TV today.

Foul language-you never heard it.  Blood and guts-nowhere in sight, only alluded to.

Sure, the shows could be full of fluff and slightly na├»ve.  But, who wanted reality slapped in their faces each night while watching entertainment TV when bad news was all over the evening news?

What I really enjoy about the book is the interesting, fact-filled, behind-the-scenes goodies provided by the writer and several of the cast and crew behind the series.

It’s a wonderful Mystery Memory Lane excursion that is sure to please fans of the decade and genre.