Friday, June 11, 2010

Tom & Jerry

One of my fondest memories as a young boy was watching the hilarious animated adventures of Tom & Jerry-the cat and mouse misadventures of a hair brain feline and a wily mouse.
Each cartoon saw Tom matching wits with his diminutive foe Jerry in a who-can-top-who slapstick story where inevitably Tom would get his comeuppance and Jerry his  victory and prize-most of the time.
What made Tom & Jerry cartoons so much fun was the over-the-top animation by many of the industry's top animators of the time: Hanna and Barbara, Chuck Jones and Maurice Noble.
Warner Bros. has compiled 30 of the best of the best animated Tom & Jerry shorts into a wonderful 2-disc collection.  Included is a very special tribute to the animated duo from their early days through their award winning career.

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