Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Green Lantern

To state that the popularity of Hal Jordan (Earth’s Green Lantern) and the Green Lantern Corps have had a meteoric rise in popularity in the DC Universe would be a big understatement.

The Green Lanterns have risen to be some of the most predominate characters in the DC Universe, especially after the introduction of the Sinestro Corps, the various Lanterns of different colors representing various states of emotion and the epic Blackest Night storyline.

So popular had the Green Lantern series became that DC Comics, in conjunction with Warner Bros. Studios, produced and created the Green Lantern movie starring Ryan Reynolds as Earth’s Green Lantern: Hal Jordan.

Although the movies takes a few liberties when it comes to the creation of Hal Jordan and his nemesis Hector Hammond and Parallax, the movie stays true to the science fiction aspects of the series.

In the story Hal Jordan is a test pilot haunted by the death of his father who was also a test pilot. Crashing his jet after successfully shooting down two drone jets in a simulated dogfight, Jordan is whisked away by a green energy ball that takes him to a crashed spaceship where the alien Abin Sur is dying.

The alien is a Green Lantern assigned to protect the region of space Earth is part of. Attacked by Parallax, a whirling mass of energy feeding off fear, the fatally wounded Abin Sur bequeaths his Green Lantern power ring to Hal.

After several mishaps, bungles and a serious reflection on his own failed life, Hal tackles Parallax one-on-one in a desperate attempt to save Earth.

Green Lantern is a special effect extravaganza with lots of aliens, strange worlds and regions of space and two of the most frightening villains to ever grace the Silver Screen. Reynolds turns in a top-notch performance as the haunted test pilot Hal Jordan and the supporting cast meld perfectly into their roles.

The Blu-ray/Digital Copy Combo Extended Cut package offers lot s of fun extras including a look at how Ryan Reynolds was transformed into the Green Lantern. Other extras include extended and theatrical versions of the film, deleted scenes and much more.

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