Thursday, August 16, 2012

Once Upon A Time

Fairy Tales.  I hated Fairy Tales when I was kid.  Parents didn't seem to get it that most of them frightened kids.  I mean...witches, monsters, babies falling out of trees, goblins-what wouldn't scare a kid?

Now comes along Once Upon A Time the TV series that updates Fairy Tales for the Modern Age and gives them a decidedly adult and wicked twist that now not only scares kids but adults as well.

From ABC Studios and Walt Disney comes the complete 22 episodes First Season Blue-ray that features a lenticular cover, lots of cool extras like bloopers, cast interviews, behind-the-scenes goodies and much more.

Discover what happens when the evil queen in the Snow White Fairy Tale alters reality and sends all the denizens of fairy tales to the real world.  Most forget their former lives but a few start to remember and that's where the adventure and fun begins.