Thursday, October 18, 2012

Senses, Dragons, Dinosaur, Shark And Owl

The human body.  What a marvel of biological form and function.  It fascinates me that human beings basically consist of a consciousness housed in a biological machine that is used for transport and sensory input.

Each of the senses of the body: sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell bring information to the brain so it can process and analyze the environment about it.  The human body and its senses are like the hardware and software of a computer-albeit biological one.

Safari Ltd. has a new poster: The Five Senses that uses colorful illustrations accompanied by concise text and labeling that explains the five senses.  I know biology teachers that going to want this poster.  Too bad!  This baby is mine!

Dragons-I love dragons, those mythological flying lizards that belch fire.  Safari Ltd. has two more reptilian beasties added to its collection. 

They include the Swamp Dragon : a long and lean the green, brown and red reptile has two pairs of long brown horns, aquatic like red fins on its back and front legs and a long scaled tail.  I especially like its pivot shaped head and deep set eyes.

The Cloud Dragon is (in my option) the most elaborate dragon Safari Ltd. has ever produced.  Consisting of a semi-translucent dull purple body, legs, wing membranes, tail, neck and head, the heavy body lizard is decorated with iridescent body fins colored blue and magenta.

Its multi-horn head features a gaping jaw with sharp rows of teeth and glowing orange eyes.  Its underbelly is an iridescent pearl white and its teeth, horns and claws.  What a beautiful creature!

The twin Dragon Hatchlings are cute little bundles of purple and silver.  With their open maws, sans teeth, horned heads and cuddly little bodies they sit peacefully in their broken silver eggs.

Another large lizard that actually exited is the Vagaceratops.  Colored several shades of brown and tan the parrot billed dinosaur has a large upper head body shield, a large horn, short stubby legs and a powerful short tail decorated in rings of tan and brown.

A deadly predator, the Blacktip Reef Shark is a streamline missile colored a deep brown with black tipped fins.  

Who?  A Barn Owl, that’s who.  Perched on a tree stump he Barn Owl is a featured fast of color with its warm brown and tan coloration that accents its large black eyes and black ringed faced.