Thursday, January 3, 2013

The Spider-Man Vault And Gift Box

I remember buying the first appearance of Spider-Man in Amazing Fantasy #15 off a magazine rack way back in the early 1960s.  I was around eight years old.  Hard to believe but later this month I turn 60!  Time flies! 

I've been a fan of Spider-Man on and off again over the decades depending who is writing him or drawing  him.  Steve Ditko is my favorite Spidey artist with Todd McFarlane, John Byrne, Mark Bagley and John Romita, Jr. coming up close behind.

Over the past years Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man, has been joined by other "Spider" people and even other alternate universe Spider-Men.  Peter is my favorite.

There's a new "Superior" Spider-Man starring a new "Peter Parker" (sort of) but somehow I can't wrap my mind around the whole storyline.  Comic books are known for shaking up the status quo and embracing change.  I guess I'm too "old school" to go along with some changes.

Give me Spidey as I know and love him and I'm as tickled as can be.  That's why when Running Press came out with its "The Spider-Man Vault" I got excited.

Peter David and Robert Greenberger have assembled A Museum-In-A-Book with rare collectibles spun from Marvel's web.

The deluxe hardbound book containing spiral bound pages is a real Webslinger fan's treat with pages packed with Spidey memorabilia and memories.

Color-filled pages recount Spidey's long and illustrious career since his creation by Stan Lee/Jack Kirby/Steve Ditko all those years ago.

Contained within its pages are sketches, art, archive photos, recreations of Spidey collectibles and memorabilia neatly wrapped up in a complete history of the Webslinger.

Each decade is examined along with books, movies, magazines, toys, TV shows and every other conceivable type of mass media merchandize imaginable.

The book is the ultimate Spider-Man collector's dream come true all wrapped up like a fly in a spider's web.  I especially enjoyed looking at the art and archival pieces and reading about the creation of everyone's favorite arachnid hero.

For even more Spidey fun check out The Amazing Spider-Man gift box that contains a one-of-a-kind Spider-Man miniature, a Spidey metal pin and a small booklet that gives a quick lowdown on Spidey and his friends and foes.  It's Spidey in a box!