Friday, December 13, 2013

Smithsonian Music The Definitive Visual History

Music has existed since the dawn of mankind.  Simple beats and rhythms first played with sticks, bones and stones and accompanied by guttural singing slowly evolved over the centuries to the sophisticated synthesized and plethora of music styles that exist today.

From its humble beginning music has grown to encompass every nation, people and style imaginable.  Each society has crafted its own unique music as has each century seen music instruments that have long vanished and evolved into the familiar percussion, string, brass and wood instrument prevalent today.

DK Publishing presents The Definitive Visual History of music starting with early man and leaping the centuries from the Middle Ages to the Modern Age.

Chapters not only cover the decades and century of music’s evolution but the musicians most responsible for its growth.

Photos and art illustrate that musical instruments, music, compositions, musician and cultures that personify the essence of music. Follow the history of music on a scale of time and explore the many faces sound and voice.

Marvel at the Middle Age, the Renaissance and Reformation, the Baroque Period, Nationalism, the Romantic Period and the Modern Age musical melody of time.  Learn about music from around the globe, the instruments used, the type of music played from Jazz to Tribal and discover the masters of Modern music and how they changed the face of music.

It’s a wonderful, melodic and harmonious rhapsody of music and you’re invited along for the ride.  To any one who loves music, plays music or just likes to sing along, Smithsonian Music The Definitive Visual History is the perfect book to read and enjoy.

As a teacher I can envision this book being a staple in any music department’s library of reference books.