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Monday, March 2, 2015

Sherlock Holmes and Goldilocks Steampunk

Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson investigate the grisly murder of a young government employee.  Drained of blood and his head missing, he hides some secret papers in a hidden pouch.

The papers outline the creation of a new submarine weapon.  If the plans should fall into the wrong hands disaster would rock the empire.

With the help of his older brother Mycroft, Holmes and Watson set of to decipher the clues to the crime.

What they discover is shocking!

Join the legendary detective in a Steampunk London as he and Watson ply the back alleys and underbelly of London.

Sherlock Holmes Steam Detective #1 written by Robert Brevard and illustrated by David Hutchison comes courtesy of Antarctic Press.

Steampunk Goldilocks is the latest creation of writer/artist Rod Espinosa.

Issue #1 finds Goldilocks and her sister Little Miss Muffett lounging around their Mum's house eating all her goodies.

Suddenly they get a message from the Queen to locate and steal the legendary Golden Bear from the Three Bears.

Once there they set about their task only to be sidetracked by the bear's delicious porridge and the mysterious golden honey in the Golden bear.

Caught and loosing their prize the girls are reprimanded by their Mum.

Rod Espinosa is not only and excellent writer and artist but his mastery of computer coloring is second to none!