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Monday, March 9, 2015

Star Trek, Dexter, Matlock and Petticoat Junction

Every episodic TV series has its share of clunker and good episodes.

There are those instances when certain episodes become classics or as Bill and Ted would say, "Most excellent!"

CBS/Paramount presents four new DVD collections spotlighting the crème de la crème, best of the best, top drawer and most loved episodes of Star Trek: The Original Series, Dexter, Matlock, and Petticoat Junction.

Any episode starring the intrepid Captain of  the star ship Enterprise: Captain James T. Kirk guarantees plenty of action and drama. 

Several episodes have obtained 'cult classic' status amongst fans and Captain Kirk's Boldest Missions delivers each and every one.

Look for The Corbomite Maneuver, The Conscience of the King, Balance of Terror, The City on the Edge of Forever, Mirror, Mirror, The Doomsday Machine and Return to Tomorrow.

Kirk battles, loves, laments and blusters his way through each exciting episode. Extras include featurettes on the making of a good captain, the Captain's Log, Kirk's Legacy and an introduction by William Shatner and Joan Collins.

The most shocking episodes of Dexter, the serial killer serial killer are sure to raise a few eyebrows and turn a few stomachs.

Discover why Dexter garnered so many fans in this unusual TV series starring a cold-blooded killer.  Dexter slices and dices his way through his origin, awakening, coming of age, and more.  There's also the premiere episode of Penny Dreadful included at no extra charge.  

When an actor or actress strikes it big starring in a successful TV series it can change their life.  When they star in two successful TV series it's rare.

Andy Griffith starred in his own self named series as a small town sheriff.  Several years later he gained more fame as the good old boy, down-home Southern lawyer with big city smarts and savvy: Ben Matlock.

Uncannily intuitive and bull dog tenacious Ben Matlock was not afraid to tackle the most difficult and dangerous of cases.

Along with his daughter and fellow associates Ben doggedly pursued justice, despite the personal cost.

Twelve episodes showcased Matlock at his best and Matlock Greatest Cases has them all.
It was a simple premise for a TV series.  Three lovely daughters of the owner of The Shady Rest Hotel proved to be more than eye candy.

Charming and heartfelt stories showcased small town wit and wisdom coupled with homespun humor.

The show would go on to garner a loyal viewership and ran for several years.

Some of the best episodes from its earliest time happened in the 1964-65 season.  What better way to meet the residents of Petticoat Junction than in this eight episodes collection?