Monday, February 15, 2016

Shaun The Sheep Season 2 And On The Loose

"You’ve gotta meet this fella
Livin' down on the farm
Because he’s pretty cool and mellow
He’s the king of the barn

When there’s mayhem in the meadow
He keeps his crew on track
For all his legendary adventures
They should put up a plaque!

For Shaun the sheep
He’s Shaun the sheep

He even mucks about with those who cannot bleat
Keep it in mind
He’s one of a kind
Oh… life’s a treat with Shaun the sheep

He’s Shaun the sheep .. He’s Shaun the sheep
He’s Shaun the sheep .. He’s Shaun the sheep
He doesn’t miss a trick or ever lose a beat"

That's just a few of lyrics to the popular Claymation series theme song from the same folks who brought viewers Wallace and Gromit.

Shaun The Sheep is a rambunctious, inventive, ingenious and tender-hearted barnyard occupant, who along with his friends, who manage to make the life of their owner, the Farmer, hectic, unpredictable and anything but dull.

Lionsgate presents the complete second season of the popular UK TV series that includes all 40 hilarious episodes.

Join Shaun and friends on the Mossy Bottom Farm as they befuddle the farmer, torment the Naughty Pigs, avoid the Bull and make life unpredictable for Bitzer the dog.

For some serious laughter that makes your belly ache and your eyes water be sure to watch Shaun The Sheep Season 2 DVD/Digital.

Extras include a sing-along video, a pen full of games, a gallery and more.

For more Shaun shenanigans join Shaun The Sheep On The Loose that includes six soaring stories.  Shaun is 'baaaa'd to the bone.  DVD extras include 'Building A Pig' and 'The Mini-Making Of Shaun".

So don't act 'sheep'ish, grow a 'baaa'ckbone and join the 'funny' farm with Shaun and his barnyard friends and foes.