Thursday, October 5, 2017

The Black Rose Saga and Gundam Collection One

RightStuf! serves up two new Anime that are about as different from each other as you can possibly imagine.
In ‘Revolutionary Girl Utena: the Black Rose Saga 2 Blu-ray, the adventures of Utena continues amidst love, loss, duels, deceit and political trappings.

As time passes Utena and Anthy become close-real close!

It comes as a surprise to Utena when Anthy mentions she has a brother.  Her first thought is, “What other things about Anthy that I don’t know?’

But questions must be put aside when a new group of duelists appear that wear black rose signets and talk of revolution.

Their goal is to kill Rose Bride not possess her. What are Utena and Anthy supposed to do?  What they decide might surprise viewers.  

The Blu-ray collection contains episodes 13-24 of Revolutionary Girl Utena directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara who also directed Sailor Moon, Penguindrum and Sweet Blue Flower).
Additional features include: an animated art gallery, a 1997 Utena promo and interviews with Director Kunihiko Ikuhara. 

A classic returns!  The ‘Mobile Suit Gundam Wing Collection One’ Blu-ray takes viewers back to the basics of what the Gundams are all about.

Having ravaged the Earth and overpopulated it, mankind has moved into space.  Thousands of people thrive on gigantic space colonies called Sides.

The corrupt and power-hungry Earth Government rules the colonies with an iron fist meting out unjust and cruel laws and punishments.

Having had enough of the Earth Government’s cruelty and corruption a band of Revolutionaries build five robot weapons called Gundams to use in their fight for independence.

Five young men pilot the Gundams and they hold the hopes and dreams in their hands. The fate of the colonies ride on their backs.

The first wave of attacks dubbed ‘Operation Meteor’ is set in motion.  Will it succeed or will the Earth Government crush all opposition?  

Discover the outcome in this new collection comprising episodes 1-25.  Will mankind survive or succeed in destroying itself?