Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Bloc Ville City Block and Construction Stamps

Building blocks.  I used to spend hours with my kids when they were young helping them build things with their kid-size building blocks.  They loved it. I loved it.  We had a lot of fun.

I am convinced that the simpler the toys the more they encourage kids to uses their imaginations, improves their dexterity, sharpens their cognitive skills and develop critical thinking skills.

Moulin Roty offers a variety of wood block building kits that are perfect for developing a child’s aforementioned skills.

The 40-piece Bloc Ville Wooden Blocks set is the perfect toys for industrious kids.

The kit includes a variety of pieces from arches, triangles, squares, rectangles and other building shapes decorated with painted on designs and textures such as windows, crossbeams, columns, brick, tiles, wooden siding and other recognizable building surfaces in blue, yellow and red.

Children can use the enclosed illustrated guide or use their own imaginations to create buildings, walls, etc,

All of the pieces come in a heavy, sturdy box with lid.

Clean-up is always a problem for kids when dealing with small pieces.  Moulin Roty makes it simple by providing diagrams with the pieces set out in order.  By following the diagrams kids can easily put the pieces back in their correct places.

For even more construction fun be sure to check out Tampons Chantier/Construction Stamps that allow kids to design construction trucks of all types, cranes, piles of dirt and much more.

Simply take the wooden/rubber stamps of shapes and use the enclosed blue and red stamp pads to allow kids to create their own construction sites, machines and so forth.

It’s kid-friendly and kid-safe.

Just like Bloc Ville, the Construction Stamps come in a sturdy box with diagrams for easy clean-up and organization of the stamps.

Bloc Ville is made for kids two years old and up and the Construction Stamps are for children three years old and older.

Both make wonderful and fun toys that provide hours of entertainment and learning.