Thursday, May 17, 2018

It’s Been A Long Time Coming

I’ve always been amazed by the fact that some people at a relatively young age discover what their true calling in life is.
We’ve all seen it.  There are people who thrive and are totally immersed in their chosen profession or talent: businessmen, artists, musicians, technicians, scientists-whatever the calling, some people find their muse early.

Then there are people such as myself.  I’m 65 years old and I’ve finally discovered what my ‘gift’ is.

At an early age I demonstrated a talent for art.  I could draw just about everything but as I look back I realize there was no fire, no uncontrollable urge to draw.

I went to college, got my degree in graphic design and more out of necessity than passion I managed over the years to secure myself jobs doing commercial art.  I disliked every job I had.  I simply didn’t fit into the corporate world.

I met and befriended some nice people and there were some good times, but overall I felt that there was something else better in store for me.   I just had to find it.

Don’t get me wrong-I gave 110%-more out of obligation than ambition.  After all, I had a family to support. I could create art-any kind of art-but it was just a job-a necessary evil.

To tell the truth I was just plain lazy-I couldn’t fathom spending hours behind a drawing desk and for what?  So that people could take a casual glance at my work, make some snide or approving remark and move on?  

I never displayed my work-art galleries were out the question and I never did artwork outside the workplace except for an occasional family project.

I even taught art and I was good at it.  My students loved me and I have to admit I did have fun-more out of the social interaction than the subject taught.

I tried writing, but again logging in hours to write a book bored me.  I am too fidgety-I want to move-explore new areas, think new things and ponder-boy do I like to ponder.

Over the past 25+ years I’ve written reviews of pop culture items.  The reviews are short-to the point and well thought out.

As I’ve grown older I’ve discovered that writing reviews brings me a certain level of joy.  I like getting things in the mail and either examining an object or reading a book or magazine and then writing a review about it.

I have a knack for it.

There you have it-I love to write reviews.  Books, comic books, magazines, toys, model kits, trading cards, DVDs, electronics-whatever I receive I can write a review about.

And not just any old reviews.  I like to put some personality into each review, including personal experiences and observations along the way, if applicable.

Yep, it’s taken me 65 years but I’ve finally found my true talent and vehicle to fulfillment and that’s writing reviews.  

Surprising where life takes you sometimes.  I guess it isn’t how long the trip takes.  It’s when you get there that counts.