Friday, June 29, 2018

The Return Of The Ripper

Recently I was introduced to a new wonderful new series of books by the father and daughter writing team of Charles Veley and Anna Elliott.
The books offer a unique take on the Sherlock Holmes legend:  Holmes and Watson are joined by Sherlock’s daughter Lucy James.

Recently united with the daughter he never knew he had Holmes is pleased to discover she has many of his more admirable traits-primarily a mind for solving crimes.

Beautiful, talented and adept at social graces (that’s one trait she possesses her father does not) Lucy is every bit is as curious, courageous and meticulous as her famous father.

The Return Of The Ripper is the latest release of the five Holmes/James novels.  I’m excited about reading the entire series.

In Holmes’s latest adventure Holmes, James and Doctor Watson investigate a number of crimes, among them a robbery, a questionable suicide of a clergyman, the murder of a recent immigrant woman and the slashing murders in the back alleys of London.

Are the crimes related and has the Ripper really returned? Holmes/James and Watson face off against one of their most diabolical foes in a new adventure filled with mystery, intrigue and with danger around every corner and dark alcove.

Readers are invited to join the stalwart threesome as they plunge into the dark and dank underbelly of London’s seamier side and an investigative romp amongst the pretentious glitz and glamour of London’s Victorian upper class aristocrats.

Like the Sherlock Holmes chronicled before, this new book contains memorable rogues and angels, mysteries upon mysteries and nothing and no one ever appears as it/they really are

Throw in Lucy’s upcoming wedding, Watson’s romantic rekindling after his wife’s death and Holmes coping with being a father, a soon to be father-in-law and dealing with a new set of emotions and feelings to deal with and you have a new Sherlock Holmes tale worthy of the classic Sir Arthur Conan Doyle mysteries.