Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Wild Wild Westerners & Names And Faces

Back when I was a kid and young teenager I went through a stage when TV Westerns and movies were my all-time favorites.
I especially loved watching all the Western TV series such as The Wild, Wild West, The Rifleman, Maverick and similar programs.

Most of the TV and movie stars that played pivotal roles in the Western TV series and movie Westerns are gone now.  There are few exceptions.

Back then Westerns were a mirror of the times.  The good guys always won and the bad guys always got their just desserts-either jail time or pushing up daisies.

Right and wrong were clearly defined and kids could look up to their cinema or TV Western heroes.  High morals, honesty and virtue were espoused and promoted.

In Tim Weaver’s new book: Wild Wild Westerners, published by BearManor Media, readers are treated to a roundup of interviews with Western movie and TV veterans.

Both major and minor players recount their times spent on TV or movie Westerns.  They chat about what it was like to play along-side major movie stars and recount some of the behind-the-scenes shenanigans and goings--on set and off, complete with photos.

Familiar names (at least to my generation) such as Robert Colbert, June Lockhart, Fess Parker and close to 20 other character actors offer their movie memories in a wonderful book that is sure to be a favorite of TV Western and movie fans.

You’ve seen their faces on the Silver Screen or on TV shows a thousand times.  They play everything from cowboys, scientists, henchmen, friends, neighbors, cops, crook-you name it-they’ve played it.

They are Names You Never Remember, With Faces You Never Forget.

They are the bit actors that provided the window-dressings that make a TV or movie star shine.

Without them TV shows and movies would be boring.  They bring a sense of familiarity to Westerns, Dramas, Sci-fi, Soap Opera and other TV and Film genres. 

Author Justin Humphreys conducted interviews with the movie character actors primarily from the 1950s to the 1970s.

Accompanied by photos each actor recalls their many roles and how they got into the business accompanied by anecdotes and a listing of films they appeared in.

Film buffs will get a kick out of the stories, recollections and behind-the-scenes information they share.