Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Obama’s America 2016

Who exactly is Barack Obama?  We all know he is the President; he’s married, has two daughters and is a Democrat.  But who is he really?  What made him the man he is today?

Who influenced him? What is his background?  Why does he believe and practice the things he does?  When he says, “Change has come to America.”  What does he mean?  Does his vision of America mesh with American’s or does his ‘hope’ for our future mean something entirely different?

Lionsgate Home Entertainment’s new DVD release of the critically acclaimed movie: Obama’s America 2016 answers many of those questions and brings up several more disturbing ones.  Why did Obama promise things to the American people that he did not deliver and in fact did the exact opposite of what he promised?

Does Obama have a deep loathing of the United States?  Does he consider America the true evil in the world-an evil that must be restructured and pacified?  The film looks back over Obama’s past and examines those who had a profound impact on his life-many of whom, if known, would effectively end Obama’s political career.

Why did he associate with radicals, Communists, Socialists and dissidents while growing up?  What influence did his father have on his life- a man he only met once?  Why did his mother hold his father in such high esteem even after she remarried?

Is Obama not only reshaping America but also setting in place policies and laws that will reshape the world?  Discover how an insecure, attention and approval craving son of an African anti-Colonialist became the President of The United States after only serving two years as a junior senator.  The answer may shock you as will the answers to the other questions posed in the documentary.