Friday, February 15, 2013

The Three Doctors, Journal and Clock

Underground Toys/Character Option, LTD. just finished up at the International Toy Fair and has released three new Doctor Who goodies Doctor fans are sure to clamor for.

As quirky and dated as they are the early Doctor Who series episodes are still a lot of fun to watch.  It amazes me that for a show filmed live, with a limited budget and time constraints still managed to turn out some great shows and memorable characters.

The Three Doctors Collectors' Set: 3rd Doctor features three such characters.

The Doctor's longtime co-patriot, The Brigadier, stands stiff-legged and impeccably dressed in his olive green uniform, gloved hands, neatly tucked tie, flawless hat and hair and trimmed mustache.  His uniform is resplendent with medals and with his pistol at his side the articulated figure captures the somewhat stiff nature of The Brigadier that played things by the book and yet, somehow, managed to rewrite certain pages to suit the moment.

Along with The Brigadier comes Jo Grant dressed in a fluffy blue/violet coat (circa 1972, a blue and white stripped mini dress, turtleneck and knee boots with her long blond hair cascading around her blue-eyed face.

Her coat is removable and her arms are changeable.

The bulbous Gel Guard looks as if it is covered in deep purple blisters, it has a single pearl white eye with blue pupil and a single crablike pincer arm oozing from its gelatinous body.  

In a previous review I reviewed The Journal Of Impossible Things that contains 78 printed pages, a leather-style cover, 21 blank pages and a cool leather-like strap.

In this version of the 10th Doctor accessories set also a Sonic Screwdriver that comes equipped with a blue L.E.D. and a black ink pen.

What better way to wake up in the morning than with a Doctor Who Tardis Projection Alarm Clock!?

Wake up to strange Doctor Who sound effects and as you peer out from under the covers at the light emitting Tardis you'll be stunned by the sight of the time being projected on your wall or ceiling!  Talk about a Time Lord!

All of the Doctor Who figures, accessories and clock come in trademark Doctor Who styled packaging with clear front panels so you can easily see each and every item.  After all-nothing can hide from Doctor Who!