Friday, October 4, 2013

Fangoria #327, October

After too long an absence Fangoria magazine is back in Collectors' Corner Magazine review page.  Welcome back!

In this issue two great remakes of classic horror films share the cover: Carrie and Chucky.  See what movie makers have done to bring both horror tales to the 21st Century.

Readers sound off in the Postal Zone. Monster Invasion looks at +1, Muirhouse, Fear Clinic: The Movie and Antisocial. The DVD/Blu-ray horror list just keeps getting longer and longer.  Beware of the Rise Of the Falling Angel because you'll be in for a 'devil' of a time, Angel Heart beats to the drum of terror, We Are What We Are proves that women are ever bit as devious as men when the circumstance warrant it, the Living Dead return for a third time, get ready for a Killer Thriller and catch up with the Candyman.

Hong Kong's Herman Yau brings a distinctive Eastern flair to his horror movies, Chucky's back!, Carrie is right behind him and Chris Hargensen is the Monster of the Month.  'Head' out to Maximum Overdrive, get shlocked with Dr. Cyclops' Video Eye, night time is the right time to get haunted, Mars Attacks Again and get set for a big a** spider!

Octaman emerges, meet the monster kid, get kinky with Jenny and discover what real Southern Comfort is.